Google overtakes Apple in ranking of world’s top 100 brands

The BrandZ top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand Ranking published today found that Google’s brand was worth $159bn, a 40 per cent increase on last year.

Apple’s lack of innovative new product launches has damaged perceptions of it as a redefiner of technology, and the index said its brand had fallen in value by 20 per cent.

The world?s leading B2B brand, IBM, held onto its No 3 position with a brand value of $108 billion.

The research is conducted by Millward Brown Optimor on behalf of WPP.

Nick Cooper, MD of Millward Brown Optimor, said: ?Google has been hugely innovative in the last year with Google Glass, investments in artificial intelligence and a multitude of partnerships that see its Android operating system becoming embedded in other goods such as cars. All of this activity sends a very strong signal to consumers about what Google is about and it has coincided with a slowdown at Apple.?

Top 10:

1. Google, brand value: $158bn
2. Apple, brand value: $147bn
3. IBM, brand value: $108bn
4. Microsoft, brand value: $90bn
5. McDonald’s, brand value: $86bn
6. Coca-Cola, brand value: $81bn
7. Visa, brand value: $80bn
8. AT&T, brand value: $78bn
9. Marlboro, brand value: $67bn
10. Amazon, brand value: $64bn

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