Gordo: enterprise will beat recession

Speaking at the launch of a new government strategy ‘Going for Growth’, he told journalists, “We will do everything we can to support and unleash the entrepreneurial, innovative and dynamic talents we know we have in Britain.”

Ministers claim the plans place enterprise at the centre of Britain’s economic revival, with the government stepping up support for sectors vital for future competitiveness such as life sciences and manufacturing research.

The latter will be boosted by £70m in new funding, Brown revealed, speaking alongside business secretary Lord Mandelson.

Reacting to the announcement, David Frost, director of the British Chambers of Commerce, said new initiatives should be accompanied by supportive policies “as any additional taxes on business will merely stunt growth”.

Mandelson said the government remained committed to cutting public debt but added that building businesses was “the best antidote to debt, both in the short and long term”.

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