“Gordon Brown isn’t welcome at Global Entrepreneurship Week”

Entrepreneur Wilson feels that the prime minister has been two-faced with his policies for investment in youth training. As Global Entrepreneurship Week (16-22 November) draws to a close, Wilson has spoken out, saying he would like to see Brown showing his support in a more practical way.

Brown spoke at last year’s launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to which he has given strong support since it began in 2004 as Enterprise Week. Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to help young people everywhere connect through local, national and global activities, helping them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators and hopefully encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week is a shining example of Britain leading the world in enterprise and innovation,” says Brown.

However, with the government cutting £350m from next year’s budget for youth training, Wilson feels that it takes more than just words of encouragement to help would-be entrepreneurs.

“Brown can’t really show his face at this year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week when he’s axing funding for young people,” comments Wilson.

Wilson’s Southend-based travel-insurance provider recently teamed up with Southend United FC to launch the AMIGOS project, an educational programme aimed at improving the mental and physical health of the town’s children.

“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to run this sort of project, it would be offered by the government,” adds Wilson. “But it seems it is unable to deal with the big issues facing our society, so commercial organisations such as ours are having to step in and try to tackle them.”

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