Gordon Ramsay cracks the States

Ramsay chose to launch this new venture on the West Coast. Why? "It’s less aggressive than New York," he told The Associated Press. "Vegas? I don’t want to play my card in Las Vegas. It’s materialistic. Here, it’s proper. I’m very happy to be here. Everything is in abundance in California."

Set in the Hollywood Hills, the LXR-awarded restaurant takes its place in Ramsay’s portfolio of high-class eateries, from Maze in London to eponymous outlets in Dubai and Tokyo.

This launch marks another pit stop on the road to global domination for Ramsay. Next up? New Zealand.

The outspoken star of Hells Kitchen and the F Word describes himself as “somebody on a mission”, though he admits that he’s keen to take it easy with his next project. “I would open one day a week and close six days”.

Ramsay Holdings, which controls the sprawling restaurant empire, turned over £31.6m in 2005.

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