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Got global ambitions for your business? Here are five titbits for world domination

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(3) Invest in your brand

Without a strong brand, your business is at risk. Your brand sets you apart from others and creates an emotional connection with your audience, so don’t be tricked into thinking it’s just a logo. In today’s digital market your brand needs to tell stories that resonate with audiences everywhere.

Your brand has a big job to do and will build value for your business if you play it right. You want your brand to be the brand of choice so be prepared to invest time, money and love to create experiences and content that connect.

Find customers, partners and influencers who will help spread your brand stories across different channels, make sure you stay part of the conversation and involve your fans in your evolution.

Take Uber: In five years it has grown into a global business operating in over 60 countries and is valued at $68bn. Not bad for a business with no vehicles and virtually no employees.

Martin Lindstrom,, said: “Great brands appeal to all 5 senses and have to be powered up to deliver a full sensory and emotional experience.”

(4) Tell stories that make people react

Everyone loves a good story. Play on your brand personality and find ways to get people to interact with your brand. Bring your story telling to life through different content and formats like music, video, and imagery. Your brand stories should be entertaining, inspiring and educational.

As your business expands create fresh content without losing your authenticity and heritage. You’ll need global and local messaging. We call this “Glocal messaging” – it’s about being switched-on, responsive and current.

Storytelling is an art many leaders fail to grasp – not so for Charity: Water’s CEO

(5) Connect the digital dots

Businesses that aren’t digital will be excluded from the global market within a few years, which means their longevity is limited.

According to BIS, 64 per cent of businesses have a website, but this doesn’t mean they are truly digitally connected. A website is no longer enough. Today, there are multiple channels and knowing which to prioritise requires real expertise. Each market uses channels differently and responds in different ways.

Social media can help grow your brand, by building a strong community of customers, advocates and fans. But it requires time, resources and creativity to maximise impact.

Your website is still your most valuable asset – a brand flagship where your audience will shop, get information, start a conversation or simply validate a referral. As a minimum, make sure your website:

· Is mobile responsive
· Integrates SEO and SEM so you can be found easily
· Updates information regularly
· Has updated content
· Links to your social media channels

“The projected total digital advertising spend in the US is expected to rise from $67bn in 2016 to $93bn in 2019,” reported

Whilst helping businesses brand, market and sell their goods is my expertise, I find myself introducing and referring people to experts everyday. These 5 tips should get you ready to go-global but if you’ve still got questions or want advice on anything in this blog, drop me an email at:

Michelle Roberts-Clarke is head of strategy & client development at Brand Remedy

For firms seeking global growth, the trend of digital export is one that should be grasped with two hands.

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