Got that bar and natural lighting ready? Third of office staff expect workplace upgrades

Location is an increasingly important part of the workplace and was named more desirable than job security by the British workforce.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has found that 33 per cent of office workers want to see upgrades in their workplaces, while 95 per cent of general management staff said that the condition of the property an office is in will determine whether they accept a new job.

Indeed, the appearance of the workplace was valued above progression opportunities, and company a new post can offer. Who cares if there?s a metaphorical glass ceiling, when there?s a tangible glass ceiling? After all, natural light was the number one desirable trait that Brits want from an office.

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According to the RICS data, 80 per cent of respondents said their workplace impacts whether they?ll stay with the company and 88 per cent said it had an impact on job satisfaction.

?With numerous industries currently fighting a war for talent, capable staff and skilled new joiners are like gold-dust for many companies. On that basis, businesses should be doing everything possible to recruit and retain the best people,? Paul Bagust, director of UK Commercial Property at RICS.

?It?s disappointing, therefore, that many employers seem to be under-estimating ? or perhaps not realising ? the power of property in motivating, attracting and keeping staff. A well-constructed, designed and utilised office or workplace can pay huge dividends for the business that inhabits it.?

The top ten desirable office traits are:

1. Lots of natural light ? 63 per cent
2. Good heating / ventilation ? 62 per cent
3. Regular cleaning ? 52 per cent
4. Good kitchen facilities ? 44 per cent
5. Good security ? 38 per cent
6. A caf?/bar/restaurant on site ? 31 per cent
7. Space to work away from desk ? 26 per cent
8. A gym on site ? 15 per cent
9. Good colour scheme ? 13 per cent
10. High ceilings ? 13 per cent

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