Government announces 20,000th Start Up Loan

The scheme offers loans, typically of around ?1000-?10,000 to budding entrepreneurs to help start or grow a new business. The scheme has now offered ?100m of funding to startups in the UK. 

The 20,000th has gone to Melissa Mailer-Yates and Shakespuss & Co Ltd. She received ?6,000 toward developing an animated series that will introduce Shakespeare to kids.

Business secretary Vince Cable said: “The economic hardship we?ve experienced over the last few years has not stopped the flow of business ideas and people wanting to start up their own companies. 

“This British entrepreneurial spirit, backed by our loan scheme, will help create the iconic companies of the future.”

Mailer Yates, who is from Stratford-on-Avon (where Shakespeare himself was born) has said the loan will give her the ability to capitalise on the interest she has already received for her company.

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