Government department publishes list of people banned from business

As part of a section in the Employment Agencies Act of 1973, the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate?s list reveals who have been deemed guilty of misconduct or unsuitability.

The 16 people, who each have bans lasting ten years, but which run out anywhere between 2017 and 2024, cannot run or be involved with running any employment agency or employment business during the period. Anyone found to have not complied with those restrictions can face criminal proceedings.

In a similar way to which the government is naming and shaming businesses which are not paying the minimum wage or are abusing payment terms, the general public are being encouraged to report those who might have breached a prohibition order.

Back in October 2015, 113 companies were named and shamed with regards to the minimum wage. A total of ?387,000 had not been paid by companies including Monsoon Accessorize and Xercise4less.

Read more about who’s been named and shamed:

List of prohibited people

(Name) Brian Alcock (Prohibition period) 18/05/2007-17/05/2017 (Last known trading area) East Midlands

Raymond Paul Knapman 13/04/2007-12/04/2017 ??Devon

Robert William Legg 13/04/2007-14/10/2017 ? Devon

Dean Coles 15/10/2007-4/10/2017 ? Gloucestershire

David Allon 16/02/2010-15/02/2020 ? Yorkshire

Irfan Khan 01/08/2010-31/07/2017 ??Central London

Christine Lewiss 25/10/2010-24/10/2017 ??Norfolk

Steven Howard 01/11/2010-31/10/2020 ? East Sussex

Amanda Howard 01/11/2010-21/10/2020 ??East Sussex

Glynn Davies 20/12/2010-19/12/2020 ??West Lothian

Gerald Leslie Hemming 01/02/2011-31/01/2018 * ??West Midlands

Ian Johnson 06/02/2013-05/02/2020 ??Tyne & Wear

Ronald William, Edward Clark 06/02/2013-05/02/2020 ??Tyne & Wear

StephenBartlett 30/08/2013-29/08/2023 ??Coventry

Mazhar Hayat Raja 22/04/2014-21/04/2024 ??Hounslow

Peter Heselwood 01/05/2014-30/04/2021 ??Greater Manchester

*Hemming is prohibited from running an employment agency or employment
business in respect of actors, musicians, singers, dancers, background artistes,
extras, walk-ons, or other performers. He has to comply with certain conditions
agreed with BIS in respect of other work-seekers that he finds work for.

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