Greek billionaire kills Cheeky Girls – an on-demand film and DVD website – is the latest strand to David’s £100m-turnover Full On Entertainment Group, which incorporates Independent, the largest modelling agency in the UK, and 111 Pictures, a movie-production outfit.

“I wanted to build a platform to sell my own library of films and realised I could open it up to other distributors," says David. "So far, we have 65 content partners, including Granada, Playboy and the Canadian Broadcasting Company, and 38,000 titles. I’m now in the process of signing up Paramount and Universal studios."

Four Digital Services [owned by Channel Four] sells the site’s advertising space. "I read that internet ad sales will supersede TV ad sales in 2009, and I don’t doubt that," says David. "We launched the site a year ago and it’s already cash positive, making £15,000 to £25,000 in sales each day and generating about 1.5 million daily page impressions."

So how is this producer-cum-actor-cum-entrepreneur pulling in the film buffs”

Not only has David spent a stonking £7m on marketing, he’s also created a spoof TV show called Killing the Cheeky Girls, which you can download on the website. It’s got tongues wagging about the company. The Star, Express and Independent newspapers dubbed it as the "all-time wildest show in reality pop culture".

"Everybody just wants fucking reality TV these days so I decided to create the most absurd, sickest, violent show I could think of," says David.

The setup: Ten people cross Europe in a tour bus on the pretence of making a music video. Four are actors. Six have no idea that they are about to be terrorised and tortured.

Herded like lambs to slaughter, the six wannabe holiday reps soon discover that they are accomplices in a smuggling ring, trafficking drugs and illegal porn across the continent. There are two killings en route, a disappearance and eventually everyone ends up in a Greek jail interrogated for the murder of The Cheeky Girls.

You can watch the promo below.

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