Green is forever, says eco-preneur

“Something has gone horribly wrong in this country,” the eco-preneur says. “It’s cheaper to buy something new than get it repaired. I hope that as we get the green message out, people will buy things that last longer and won’t just throw them away.”

Green Baby is an eco-friendly baby and children’s brand established by Barker in 1999 when she struggled to find natural products for her first child.

Today, the business sells a range of wares (online and on the high street) from washable nappies to toys and books.

Barker says glass feeding bottles are very popular at the moment. “About six to eight months ago, there was a huge health scare surrounding plastic bottles. Our call centre went mad,” she says.

“People are going to be worried about paying that extra bit extra for something but I think they’re going start to look at the quality of products with the intention to buy things that will last and can be handed down.”

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