Grow your business in 60 days or less by talking to celebrities, entrepreneurs and global CEOs

(1) Pick a theme

This is key. What interests you above all? What do your customers value the most? Is there a niche in the market that isn’t being talked about? Pick a theme that will add value and something new to a conversation.

(2) Research

Research and write down all the burning questions your audience asks in a sales situation. Separate these into categories and under each, list the best people in the world that could answer those questions.

How can Hollywood shed light on the modern world of recruitment?

(3) Reach out

Never underestimate the power of asking someone else for help. Reach out to your idols! I found LinkedIn incredibly valuable. LinkedIn mails worked a treat. Failing, go directly via their website and fill out an enquiry form.

Find out the final four steps on the next page – including the art of massaging an ego.

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