James Averdieck and Mordechai Wosner founded the Gü brand back in 2003 with £100,000 of their personal funds. Since inception, revenues at Gü have grown an average of 66 per cent a year. And, despite the recession, turnover is expected to hit £25m this year, up from £21m in 2008.

Wosner is looking to sell his 70 per cent stake in the luxury dessert business outright while Averdieck will be reinvesting his share of the capital, reports the FT.

Prospective buyers include: Nestlé, which already manages a chilled food distribution chain; and Mars.

The sale follows a number of acquisitions in the food sector: namely Coca Cola’s 10-20 per cent shareholding in smoothie firm Innocent and Dean Foods’ acquisition of soya food and drinks group Alpro.

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