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Guess which word one UK firm dropped to save reputation of Eco Action Trumps game

Paula Owen, the chief fun officer of Eco Action Games, has long believed that a games-centric approach to environmental behaviour change is an effective way of engaging with students. In fact, this concept is the very heart of the company and many?of its games, such as Eco Action Trumps, spurred on research.

The firm invited those aged 18-24 to play the above mentioned game, with it then reaching out to the participating students after two months. “We asked them about any new environmental actions they had taken since playing Eco Action Trumps,” the company said. “What is particularly pleasing about this list of actions is that its profile follows closely what the students pledged to adopt on the day of the event.

“A back of the envelope calculation on the carbon saved by the additional actions adopted after the event, as an average saving per student, is roughly approximate to 450 kg carbon dioxide equivalent per annum.”

But a recent event made the firm think about the name of its game taking its branding into consideration. Called Eco Action Trumps?you can imagine what the firm’s main concern was: Donald Trump. Of course, we all know the manis doing some damage to his own brand. Lorraine Woellert of Politico wrote: “The Trump International Hotel and Tower Vancouver launched a meet-the-Trumpscontest to publicise its grand opening. As the big day approached, a Twitter stream tracked progress on the project’s luxe finishing touches.

“Then the world heard Donald Trump brag about groping women, and the fun stopped. The developer, the Holborn Group,”hasn’t tweetedAbout the property since. The tower’s fall opening has been pushed to January. Coincidence ?

We think not, and as the title of Woellert’s article suggests, Trump the brand may be struggling to survive Trump the man. And in his wake, he seems to be inadvertently causing reputational damage to firms that share his name.

Take, for example, the fact that children started presuming the Eco Action Trumps game was related to Trump himself the firm was none too happy about it.

It is a branding disaster for us, so we are dumping our brand name,” Owen explained. “The awful irony of a positive, educational, eco-themed game bearing that man’s name became just too much for us to bear he simply had to go.

“Working in schools since the election result, we have been struck by how much children know about Trump and what he stands for. It is becoming impossible to get our eco messages across using our card game any more as the kids now think it is about the president-elect.”

The name will soon change, the BBC reported, with the word Trump being chucked out of the equation entirely.

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