Half of Britons would walk out of their dream job for a free luxury round-the-world trip

More people would be willing to quit their dream job than to walk out on a long-term relationship for a free round-the-world luxury trip.

Respondents to a survey were asked what they would be willing to give up in exchange for an all expenses paid, luxury round-the-world trip. The participants were told to imagine that the scenario was real and that whatever they said they would give up could not be gained back by them.

The results revealed that more than a quarter, 26 per cent, of the respondents said that they would be willing to “walk out on their long-term relationship with their current partner, for good” if it meant that they could have a free, luxury round-the-world trip. 

Furthermore, half of respondents, 51 per cent, admitted that they would walk out of their dream job if they had that kind of free travel opportunity.

Give up a kidney?

Just fewer than one in ten of the respondents, 9 per cent, said that they would “give up one of their kidneys” if it meant they would travel around the world in luxury for free; while a further 16 per cent said they would be willing to sacrifice internet access for the rest of their life for the privilege. 

Fifty-five per cent of people said they would be willing to never watch television (including streaming services) ever again in their lifetime if it meant they’d be given the opportunity to see the world in this way.

Of the participants, 23 per cent admitted that they would “sleep rough on the streets for a week” if they could go around the world for free in luxury and 5 per cent of people said that they would “sacrifice their closest friendship and never speak to that person ever again, in any form” for the opportunity. 

Give up sex

Surprisingly high (to this writer, at least) is that almost two fifths (38 per cent) of people said they’d be willing to never have sex again if it meant they could take a free, luxury round-the-world trip.

“It seems there isn’t much some people wouldn’t do to get their hands on a free, luxury trip around the globe. Sadly, we aren’t going to be offering such an opportunity to anybody in exchange for some bizarre sacrifices; we really were just curious about how much people would want such a trip,” says Chris Clarkson, MD of sunshine.co.uk, which conducted the survey.

“Let’s be honest, it would be the trip of a lifetime; but I can’t believe as many as a quarter would be willing to walk out on a long term relationship for it! Either there’s trouble in paradise there, or those people really are just a touch heartless.”

The team at Sunshine spoke to 1,472 people aged 18 and over from around the UK. An equal number of men and women took part in the study and respondents came from a wide spread of UK regions. Everyone taking part was asked to be as honest as possible in their responses. All participants were in a long term relationship (3+ years) at the time of the study.

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