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Harnessing native advertising for your growing business

Native advertising

The choice can be even harder if you don’t have a large advertising budget, or lots of spare time. However, native advertising is simple, easy to implement and has a high success rate for small businesses.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is all about ads that blend into their surroundings. Networks such as Revcontent and Yahoo Gemini provide a wealth of targeting options when building native ads, allowing you to target people with personalised content based on their interests, increasing the likelihood of a click through to your website.

So how can native advertising help your business?

Promotes clearer brand visibility

One of the biggest advantages of native advertising is the opportunity for greater online visibility. By featuring sponsored ads on media sites such as Forbes and Diply and the timelines of social media users, your brand is no longer restricted solely to your website or your personal social media following.

If you are a growing business, native advertising will give you the chance to expand your reach to more consumers.

Embeds into user patterns

Online audiences are growing fast and eyes remain firmly on the content or social media timeline?they are browsing, thus native advertising is seen as the solution because native ads are styled in the same way as editorial content.

Take advantage of mobile traffic

As native advertisements are embedded in the original flow of content on the platform, they retain their quality and visibility on mobile formats, which helps promote your business.

Accessible to marketers

Over 75 per cent of US publishers offer native advertising opportunities, which makes it an incredibly accessible form of promotion.

Any business, of any size, can advertise via any one of the native advertising platforms, which levels the playing field for growing businesses trying to compete with larger companies.

Through the diverse variations of native advertising, your small business can reach out beyond the standard social media networks and connect with potential consumers that would otherwise be out of reach, appearing on sites such as Buzzfeed.


Amplifying content, building a brand and generating leads and sales are all great benefits that native ads can provide to small businesses.

But another great advantage is that it’s very cheap in terms of the Cost Per Click compared to the likes of Google AdWords and Bing. If managed well, this allows you to generate cheaper high quality leads.

Contributed by digital marketing platform Adzooma

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