Has swine flu struck?

Whizzed around the Decorex exhibition, which at least got me away from the builder-filled dust storm which was once my home.

Exhibition felt much smaller than usual, which might be recession-caused. Gleaned what we needed to from it, however, so was worthwhile. Second-In-Charge had been looking a bit peaky all morning though. He then received a call from a mutual friend checking he was okay as the group they’d spent last weekend with are all, without exception, wildly ill with swine flu. Not surprisingly, Second-In-Charge went a paler shade of white and then presumed to feel rapidly worse for the whole, somewhat tense, drive home. Hoping is purely mental or a coincidental bout of something else unsavoury. However, living in real world, know I had better spend evening rapidly re-reading all info on pig flu and become an in-house expert both for own health, everyone else’s health and business health. Argh!

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