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Have iPhones really “destroyed” young people’s drive to work?

According to Will Davies, founder of property maintenance company, iPhones have caused young people to lose motivation for working.

“The latest batch of young people lack any drive or desire to work, largely thanks to the warm, punch-drunk, sedated feeling of being permanently online to their friends on the internet,” he says.

“The iPhone is always on. Always in the background. Always more important than getting off your backside and getting to work for many young people.” launched an “Employment Bootcamp” in February 2012, and now works with GoThinkBig, with parent companies O2 and Bauer Media, to help young people into work. The bootcamp concept makes young people compete for an apprenticeship by doing physical tests, English language and numeracy tests.

“We don’t want soft touches working for us. We want young people that can last the distance. Not people that walk out as soon as the going gets slightly,” Davies explains. 

“The Job Centre doesn’t work. They are more interested in political correctness than finding young people jobs. We were told that young people didn’t need to respond to’s employment opportunity because they had the right not to. The right not to work. It’s barmy”.

Davies says that there is no more need or desire for a young adult to strive anymore or apply for a job where they are “forced to confront the emotion of failure”. He says that is “a foreign feeling to young people”.

“The concept of physical exertion is also completely alien. Why use muscle, when you can click for whatever you want with an iPhone or iPad. Instead young people are permanently encased in foetal fluid like a baby in their mother’s womb checking their iPhone or Smartphone device for pointless messages and updates. 

“The internet is full of space junk that young people unfortunately are convinced is more important than real life. The virtual world has taken over from the real world.”

Instead, Davies adds, Britain needs to energise its young people and stimulate them into becoming physical again.


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