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Heels and deals: women in enterprise

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Michael Hayman – the co-founder of Seven Hills and of StartUp Britain, and a Real Business columnist – brought together a panel of four successful, opinionated women.

In this must-watch video, Lara Morgan (CompanyShortcuts, Pacific Direct), Donata Huggins (City AM), Priya Lakhani (Masala Masala) and Christina Ioannidis (the author and serial entrepreneur) discuss a range of issues affecting women in business.

Watch the Question Time-style panel discuss the Lord Davies report, boardroom quotas, the culture of women-led businesses and much more:

What are your views on women in business? Should quotas be established to achieve parity? Are women-run businesses different to men-run businesses? Leave your comments below.

The “Heels and Deals” discussion was part of Seven Hills’ exclusive Seven to Eight series. Email Seven Hills for more information.

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