Helen Milligan, you’re hired!

Apprentice runner-up Helen Milligan has been offered a ?100,000 role in Ten Lifestyle’s business development team.

“Although Helen’s plan for a concierge service was rejected by Lord Sugar’s team on the grounds that she didn’t have the contacts to work in this area, I was impressed that she saw the potential of the sector,” says Ten Lifestyle CEO Alex Cheatle.

“It’s a growing market. We’re growing at an average rate of 47 per cent a year and we’re currently recruiting up to 50 roles. We need good, well-organised managers to help manage our expansion in the UK, which is why I would like to offer a job with Ten.

?And as for having the right contacts, that?s our area of strength. Our restaurant experts can absolutely get you a table by the window at the Ivy!”

Ten Lifestyle, a corporate and private concierge service, is a Real Business favourite ? in past years, the firm has won one of our Growing Business Awards, a Customer King award and has been part of our Hot 100… all for the right reasons.

Ten Lifestyle’s founder Alex Cheatle is also the brother of Supper Club’s Duncan Cheatle, another Real Business favourite.

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