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Here are the key business success characteristics

Richard Branson

Are successful business leaders naturally gifted, or could anyone with the right training and qualifications fill their shoes” Or, to put it another way, is the recipe for business success something we can all learn, or is it an attribute shared only by those who have reached the final rung of the ladder?

These are the questions that many a fledgling entrepreneur, with their eyes fixed resolutely on the corner office, has pondered over. Every year, thousands of young business minds emerge from the education system with hopes of making it to the big time, only to find that rising high in the world of business can often lead to a lifelong, and often futile, struggle. If only there was a fool-proof formula for business success a step-by-step strategy that all but guaranteed corporate shrewdness, game-changing ideas and the ability to make the right decision at the absolute opportune moment.

Of course, there are some professionals who seem destined to achieve business success from a tender age combining creative near-genius with a ruthless quality that sets them apart in interviews, pitches, meetings and networking events. These individuals seem to possess an innate entrepreneurial streak that others can only dream of acquiring through countless seminars, training days, and hours spent devouring business textbooks.

But surely much can be learned from these natural business minds” After all, it’s their prowess in the world of business that’s responsible for inspiring generations of aspiring entrepreneurs. Maybe we should look to the characteristics and careers of the world’s great business leaders to try to determine just what is needed to forge a successful career. Business energy supplier, Gazprom Energy, have produced this infographic detailing the early career paths of the world’s foremost business leaders, and offered their sage words of wisdom for young entrepreneurial minds.

So, could adopting a little of Simon Cowell’s swagger or Alan Sugar’s assertive approach to selling help us improve our career prospects and our companies'”fortunes” Or, might Marissa Nadler’s advice on collaboration, or Reed Hastings” tips for cultivating bright ideas prove ultimately to be the key to business success” Whilst many of these individuals have achieved success via unorthodox routes, could their story provide inspiration for your own journey to the elite reaches of the business world

As the business world continues to evolve, surely there are pieces of advice from all of these business leaders which deserve heeding. Now, during the age of the internet, the entrepreneurial spirit has never been easier to indulge, meaning greater competition on the way to the top. So, listening to those who have been there, done that and got the t-shirt could be the leg-up you need to prosper ahead of your rivals.





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