Here’s how to work at peak performance

When you work alone or in a small team you regularly have to work at peak performance to keep your workload manageable. Whether you?re working at the kitchen table or crammed together in your first office, there will always be distractions which can impact on your productivity.?

This in itself can create a vicious cycle, if you aren?t effective in your professional life, it can then adversely affect your work/life balance and wellbeing; which in turn can impact your ability to work productively.

Most of us can relate to the fact there are moments or even days when you just can?t motivate yourself or are too easily distracted. This is when you need to think about tools to help you focus, and assist with mastering the art of personal effectiveness.?

Although it?s a broad term, it ultimately comes down to one skill ? taking responsibility for getting something done, a skill that?s invaluable for you and your colleagues.

To start the process, you need to recognise what drives you to be effective. Most of us work well under the right kind of pressure. Knowing what you need to do in a set timeframe often drives us to success, but it can be difficult to replicate this every day when you need to draft a proposal or write a report.?

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Additionally, to work at your peak you need to be in the right frame of mind. If you?re tired, upset or angry this may have a knock-on effect, and in a pressured office environment these feelings can sometimes occur, restricting our ability to perform at our peak.

To manage these distractions, you need to create an effective positive mindset to overcome any negative thought patterns. When you do start getting distracted, challenge these thoughts, as quite often we can catastrophise the situation.?

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