Hermann Hauser’s advice for entrepreneurs

Hermann Hauser, the legendary Austrian-born co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners – and one of the most prolific investors in UK technology – answered the FT’s “20 Questions” over the holidays. What an interesting man!

Hermann Hauser’s first stint as a tech entrepreneur occurred when he co-founded Acorn Computer in 1978. Needless to say, it was a huge success, becoming Britain’s first pioneers in personal computing.

Fast forward to 1990, and Hermann Hauser was involved in spinning out Advanced Risc Machines (ARM) from Acorn – which then became the most successful microprocessor company in the world, with a 90 per cent market share of the mobile phone market.

Finally, in 1997, Herman Hauser co-founded Amadeus Capital, which is now one of Europe’s strongest VC firms.

From his worst ever job (“Cleaning barracks”) to the secret of his success (“Spotting great young people”) and the secret to a good pitch (“Passion”), the short piece is definitely worth a quick read. 

I first had the opportunity to meet Hermann Hauser at our Growing Business Awards’ judging day last autumn. I was lucky enough to sit in on his judging panel, and it was so insightful to hear his questions for the shortlisted candidates. To say he’s brilliant is an understatement – his questions were corkers!

Anyway, do read through the FT‘s “20 Questions” piece for inspiration from one of the UK’s best serial entrepreneurs cum investors – here. (Unfortunately it’s behind the paywall, however!)

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