High Street Skills programme to teach benefits of digital and technology

Run by the Association of Town and City Management in partnership with the National Skills Academy for Retail, The High Street Skills Programme will give access to new training across 75 locations in England to about 3000 people.

Under the proposed scheme, skills trainers will run workshops and webinars covering consumer technology, social media and mobile marketing.

ATCM’s initiative to introduce the HSS programme follows some recent studies that have found a ‘digital divide’ between large and small businesses. A staggering 1.6m SMEs do not have basic digital skills, 37 per cent of SMEs do not have a website, while only a small one per cent of SMEs use social media to generate revenue.

?Technology is a part of life, use it for information, shopping, socialising, deal hunting,? said ATCM CEO Martin Blackwell about consumer trends in the near future.

Gary Douglas, HSS’s project manager added that the objective of the programme is to demonstrate that digital skills hold a crucial role in improving economic results.

ATCM is Europe’s largest membership organisation that helps city centres become prosperous locations for investment and business.

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