HMRC returns deadline looms for bosses

HMRC has issued an urgent reminder to employers: file your annual return online ? a P14 for each employee and a P35 summary sheet ? by May 19 or you could face a penalty.

Employer Annual Returns must be sent to HMRC by the May 19 filing deadline. 

Failure to do so will “almost certainly” result in a late-filing penalty,” says HMRC’s spinners. 

In previous years, employers could benefit from an extra-statutory concession, giving them extra time before HMRC charged a penalty, but this has been withdrawn.

Also, from this year, employers will be liable to a penalty if they file their annual return on paper (with some very limited exceptions, such as certain individuals who employ their own carer). 

Last year, no penalty was charged for employers with five or fewer employees, but these transitional arrangements have now ended, says the tax man.

Smaller employers, or their agents or bureaux, can file their employee data online using HMRC?s “Online Return and Forms ? PAYE” product.

Employers with fewer than 10 employees can use HMRC?s Basic PAYE Tools (formerly Employer CD-ROM) to file their Employer Annual Return online.

To help get your return right first time, HMRC has published a list of common errors to avoid ? worth a read before you start working on your return. 

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