Hold fast, stay firm

Have been trying to offer good, strong leadership but it hasn’t been the easiest start to the year – home has been destroyed by builders and my business has had little customer activity, which means nervous, low-moraled staff.

Given the snow and ice that stopped most customers even thinking about visiting their offices at the start of the year, neither I nor the staff should form any judgement and opinions based on those two weeks.

Have been spending my time getting round to all the jobs I’m always meaning to do – you know the ones: servicing the vans; re-vamping training systems; cleaning out the stationery cupboard etc.

By my own edict, we decided to start seriously measuring all our sales quantities, both incoming calls, quotes, and sales for 2010 from this week. To my great pleasure, all are now increasing daily – doubling daily in some cases with this year’s new designs going down a storm.

The decision to hold fast, stay firm and bury our heads in the snow was clearly a wise one!

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