Hold onto your sides: it’s the Friday funnies

Amidst all the fears over the credit crunch, Gordon Brown says that he is the man to turn the economy around. I believe him.After all he’s already managed it once, taking a sound economy and turning it to utter sh*t.

Also, I hear the government has introduced a new ‘small business’ scheme.You take a large business…

Want to hear a great business plan? I was going to build bungalows for dwarves!There was only one tiny flaw…

My mate had an even better idea. He started up a micro-electronics firm.Business is so good, he’s going to have to get a smaller premises.

What have Peter Andre and Bill Gates got in common?Both have done their business in silicon valley.

So, Brown has appointed Peter Mandelson, a man who has resigned twice over dodgy business dealings, as minister for business.

Here are a few suggestions for further appointments:Drugs Czar – Amy WinehouseEnvironment Minister – Jeremy ClarksonChancellor – Nick LeesonPensions Minister – Gordon Brown

That’s all folks! Happy Friday!

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