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Hot 100 2012 – 13: Infoteam Group

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The basics

Company name: Infoteam Group
What they do: After-care service for consumer tech
Headquarters: Cornwall
The boss: Glen Coffey

The financials

Latest turnover (£,000): 26,018
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 58
Latest Ebitda (£,000): 2,835

The details

Ever had a laptop go on the blink? Stupid question… electronic devices are always going wrong. And when they do, it’s the engineers at Infoteam who have the lucky job of fixing the wretched things. 

Founded in 1997 and taken over by current boss Glen Coffey in 2001, Infoteam fixes PlayStations, computers, TVs, projectors and servers. It has centres across the UK, and has also branched out to Dubai and Australia. In 2010 a centre in Dublin was opened. 

Infoteam has a 90-person call centre to handle enquiries, and has a long list of clients from all backgrounds, including manufacturers, distributors, after-care service providers and ordinary punters. Turnover is now £40m. Glen Coffey owns 89 per cent.

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