Hot 100 2012 ? 27: Dytecna

The basics

Company name: Dytecna
What they do: Specialist engineering and electronics
Headquarters: Weybridge
The boss: John Fulford

The financials

Latest turnover (?,000): 42,238
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 47
Latest Ebitda (?,000): 2,769

The details

The War on Terror has been the making of many small firms, and Weybridge-based Dytecna definitely fits that category. 

Dytecna works closely with the Ministry of Defence, supplying a broad range of military products and services. It upgrades jeeps and lorries to military spec, designs bullet proofing and missile proofing to ships, shelters and buildings, and helps build aircraft simulators. It has big contracts with Qinetiq, Husky and Hobson Industries, and holds orders from a variety of Nato member states. 

In addition to the military stuff, it has branched out in to the rail and mining industries. 

The boss is John Fulford, who founded the firm in 1996 and owns a majority of the shares. Turnover is ?42.2m ? which, to put it into context is equivalent to a single Eurofighter aircraft. Plenty of room, in other words, to keep on growing no matter what happens to military budgets.

The Hot 100 2012 is brought to you by Investec, Jordans, Cass Business School and Your Business Your Future.

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