Hot 100 2012 ? 32: Forelle Estates Holdings

The basics

Company name: Forelle Estates Holdings
What they do: Property developer and petrol station operator
Headquarters: Glasgow
The boss: Mike Price

The financials

Latest turnover (?,000): 10,439
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 46
Latest Ebitda (?,000): 3,044

The details

Entrepreneurs ego-maniacs? Not the chaps at Forelle Estates, who were quite happy to be working in anonymity until they popped up on the Hot 100. ?We are a private firm,? says managing director Mike Price. ?We certainly do not go looking for publicity.? 

Shame, as they’ve got a strong story to tell. Forelle Estates is an investment vehicle with an impressive commercial property portfolio, and a new interest in running petrol stations under the Peregrine Retail brand. 

By investing heavily in both sectors Forelle Estates has growth fast, and profitably. Price says that now the cash has been invested growth will be less spectacular, but that doesn’t bother him. ?We are a firm which looks to the long term.? 

An unfashionable, yet quietly reassuring philosophy.

The Hot 100 2012 is brought to you by Investec, Jordans, Cass Business School and Your Business Your Future.

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