Hot 100 2012 ? 68: Newmafruit

The basics

Company name: Newmafruit
What they do: Family fruit growers
Headquarters: London
The boss: Melvyn Newman

The financials

Latest turnover (?,000): 15,564
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 34
Latest Ebitda (?,000): 3,303

The details

The clue?s in the title. Founded by Melvyn Newman and owned by the Newman family, this farming business produces fruit. Over 1300 acres of it. Based in Kent, the company produces apples, pears, plums and cherries, plus over 300 tons a year of soft fruit such as strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. 

The company has its own warehousing and packing plant, helping it attract custom from multinational fruit marketing companies and importers. 

An apple a day is certainly keeping the balance sheets healthy for Newmafruit, who have more than doubled both turnover and profits in the last year, to ?15.6m and ?3.3m respectively.

The Hot 100 2012 is brought to you by Investec, Jordans, Cass Business School and Your Business Your Future.

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