Hot 100 2013 – 100: City & Country Group

The basics

Company name: City & Country Group
What they do: Develops historical homes
Headquarters: Stansted
The Boss: Helen Moore

The financials

Latest turnover (£,000): 19,073
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 29
Latest Ebitda (£,000): 3,765

The details

City & Country is a niche property developer, specialising in the restoration of historically-listed buildings into residential properties. This 50-year-old family-owned business has been specialising in historic properties for 25 years buying old hospitals, asylums, schools and other listed buildings and transforming them into homes.

“The current market has created a real opportunity for us. Most developers won’t touch the types of project that we do with a bargepole,” says managing director Helen Moore.

The company buys the sites unconditionally, with no planning changes guaranteed. “We find that we can then get the site at a better price. While these are all complex and challenging sites, we always know there is an angle for us,” says Moore.

Turnover at City & Country has grown from £9m to £19.1m in four years.

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