Hot 100 2013 – 19: GCI Telecom Group

The basics

Company name: GCI Telecom Group
What they do: Telephony and data services for mid-sized firms
Headquarters: Lincoln
The Boss: Wayne Martin

The financials

Latest turnover (£,000): 43,514
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 50
Latest Ebitda (£,000): 7,340

The details

GCI Telecom’s niche is to provide telephony and data services specifically to mid-sized corporates and smaller enterprises.

With a turnover of £43.5m, GCI has amassed a significant war chest to grow by acquisition. In addition to a £22m funding boost from Barclays in 2011, the company took a £10m investment from the Business Growth Fund last year. “This gives us the opportunity to significantly build scale and service diversity at a time when our clients need it and the market conditions are ripe for growth,” says CEO Wayne Martin.

With 220 staff across nine UK locations, a lot of GCI’s growth has come from 19 strategic acquisitions made since the company was formed in 2000. With a 50 per cent compound annual growth rate and pre-tax profits of £7.3m, GCI is one to watch.

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