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Hot 100 2013 – 25: Hughes and Salvidge

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The basics

Company name: Hughes and Salvidge
What they do: Decommissioning and demolition services
Headquarters: Portsmouth
The Boss: Jean Stevenson

The financials

Latest turnover (£,000): 25,490
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 41
Latest Ebitda (£,000): 3,216

The details

Established in 1964, Hughes and Salvidge is now one of the UK’s top decommissioning and demolition contractors. No job seems too big for the company, which has previously been hired to take down army barracks, rip up airport runways, demolish 20-storey tower blocks with explosives and more.

Hughes and Salvidge is no rogue builder, though. The company owns its own recycling and waste management subsidiaries to ensure that the job is done sustainably and cleanly – where possible, the company aims to recycle over 95 per cent of the materials reclaimed on any given job. In the last four years, sales have grown from £9m to £25.5m with a pre-tax profit of £3.2m.

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