Hot 100 2013 ? 34: AH Worth and Company

The basics

Company name: AH Worth and Company
What they do: Innovative veggie grower
Headquarters: Spalding
The Boss: Duncan Worth

The financials

Latest turnover (?,000): 148,106
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 38
Latest Ebitda (?,000): 7,428

The details

There is an old joke that goes, ?How do you make a million at farming? Start with two million and work hard.? Thankfully, for AH Worth and Company, that?s never been further from the truth. AH Worth is a 21st Century farming company with a diverse line of products: prepared and frozen produce, multi-crops, organic and imported produce have helped the business triple sales in the last four years. Turnover is now ?148.1m with pre-tax profits of ?7.4m.

The story did not always look so positive, however. A few years ago, the business lost two of only three supermarket supply contracts in quick succession, leaving the business in dire straits. Quick thinking and a strategic mind helped turn the ship around: today AH Worth supplies to Aldi, Morrisons and Asda plus to food manufacturers and processors.

The 708-person company continues to be family-run, with Duncan Worth, a fourth-generation Worth farmer, at the top.

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