Hot 100 2013 – 57: Maple Syrup Media

The basics

Company name: Maple Syrup Media
What they do: Cash back and voucher codes
Headquarters: London
The Boss: Paul and Jennifer Nikkel

The financials

Latest turnover (£,000): 43,472
Four-year compound sales growth (%): 34
Latest Ebitda (£,000): 2,150

The details

Better known under its Quidco brand, Maple Syrup Media is Britain’s number one cash back and voucher code business.

The company was co-founded by Paul and Jennifer Nikkel while studying at the University in 2005 as a way of saving students money as they shopped online. The company has grown quickly: from 700,000 members in 2009, to 1.6 million members in 2011 and more than 3 million today.

Using affiliate networks, Quidco can track transactions with retailers and return a fixed sum or percentage of the order value commission back to the Quidco member. More than 3,500 retailers are signed up to the site, and members receive an average of £262.36 cash back per year.

Turnover is £43.5m with an Ebitda of £2.2m.

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