Hot 100 2014 – 31: CHI & Partners

CHI & Partners 

Latest turnover: £199,942,000
Three-year compound growth rate (%): 46.94
Latest EBITDA: £5,604,000

CHI was created by Simon Clemmow, Johnny Hornby and Charles Inge around ten years ago.

The idea for a “multi-disciplined” creative agency came when the trio realised that the digital revolution had transformed not only the ways consumers interact with brands but the ways teams are structured, ideas are generated and agenciesu2028are remunerated.

The company claims its marketing success comes from the power of “&”.

“There is no more inclusive a word in the English language than ‘&’,” they go on to say. “Inclusivity lies at the heart of everything we make for our client partners.”

30. Southern Dental

32. Wear Inns

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