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Hot 100 2014 – 50: Gapuma

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Latest turnover: £52,141,000
Three-year compound growth rate (%): 41.17
Latest EBITDA: £2,761,508

Gapuma, a member of the British Exporters Association, was launched more than 50 years ago by friends Garo, Puzant and Manuel (the first two letters of each were taken to create the company name).

Gapuma specialises in sourcing and delivering chemicals and pharmaceuticals, but also caters to other commodities in top industry sectors around the globe. 

Gapuma also procures for the Government and voluntary sectors, arranges transport and provides local warehousing.

49: Fluidata

51: T.O.M. Vehicle Rental

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Hot 100 2014 – 49: Fluidata
Hot 100 2014 – 51: T.O.M Vehicle Rental
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