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Hot 100 2014 – 66: Vistgate

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Latest turnover: £29,722,000
Three-year compound growth rate (%): 37.94
Latest EBITDA: £1,944,641

Vistgate is a company focussed on the processing and preserving of fish, crustaceans and molluscs, as well as fish wholesale and retail of fish.

John Lakeman has been part of the company for 22 years now, spanning across most of the company’s years as an active company (34 years).

In 2013, they recorded a net profit of £1,389,473, a nine per cent year-on-year increase from 2012. And their cost of goods sold was £28,318,567 in 2013, compared to £28,436,603 in 2012, a zero per cent decrease.

65: PX Group

67: Shields Environmental Group

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