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How a CEO of two companies spends his time on meetings

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Dorsey leads two companies, each of which are in important phases. So how does Dorsey manage to do double duty for such difficult jobs?

Apparently one thing that’s not necessary is a desk at either company.

He shuttles between the two companies’ offices at regular intervals. Mornings are spent at Twitter, afternoons at Square.

Dorsey is famous for keeping to a regimented weekly schedule. On Mondays for example, he meets with the senior management team at Twitter, for five hours. At 1:30pm, he allegedly goes to Square and does the same thing.

In the end, he has a whopping ten hours of meetings every Monday. Conveniently, however, the two headquarters are just a block apart.

He also has a strict no phones or laptops policy during these meetings.

But Doresey’s not the only CEO to hold lengthy chats with his team. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has an eight-hour meeting with his senior leadership team once per month to get them on the same page.

Llike Nadella, Dorsey’s approach is intended to avoid wasted time in a series of meetings spread across an entire week.

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