How analytics can help improve customer service

From little acorns?

Start simple: with what you know makes customers happy. A good place to start a?fast first response. That, and?a prompt resolution?are consistently what customers rate highest in what they want from companies, according to ongoing?Zendesk customer research. It?s also very simple to track response times and spot patterns; a consistent time of day when it speeds up or a period of every month that is slows to a crawl.

Don?t view it in isolation

Context is really powerful and when set against data it often gives the greatest insights. Response times married with deeper insights into who was working or other business activities going on during that period can indicate strengths or potential threats. A group of support assistants that are responding quicker than other teams may have greater proficiency. A lunchtime drop in response times could indicate understaffing.

Branch out and trust yourself

You can also survey customers to find out if they were happy with the service they received, monitor positive and negative mentions across social media, or compare satisfaction among different groups of customers. And it isn?t one-size-fits all. Knowing what makes your customers tick and where your staff are adding value will indicate analytics that will serve you best.

Use your knowledge to drive change

By marrying the right data with effective context, your business can find out what?s working and what?s not. If you know that the third week of the month is the busiest you can put in place extra resource that week. If you know that a certain group of people are excelling above others you can use their knowledge to train others, or tweak hiring policies based on their key attributes.

Great customer service is a constant improvement process, particularly as your business and customer base grows.?

When it comes down to it the only universal metric of customer satisfaction is if you?re making money and keeping customers coming back. Using customer insights will shape and drive the business, ultimately giving your customers the service that what they want and deserve.

Nick Peart is marketing director EMEA of Zendesk.

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