How better hygiene could boost your business

According to the study conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research for Initial Hygiene, 39 per cent of UK office workers believe that a better hygiene would not only protect them from and unwanted illness, but also increase their level of job satisfaction. 

There are however, five simple steps that businesses can take in order to ensure that working conditions are at their highest-level.

1. Washrooms

Risk hotspots in the washroom include toilets, flush handles and cubicle handles. Norovirus and bacteria such as Campylobacter can be found in these areas both cause gastroenteritis. The germs are transferred from surface to hand. The spread of infection can be minimised with surface and flush sanitisers and toilet cleaners.

2. Reception / entrance area

Door handles are a risk hotspot in reception and entrance areas, harbouring bacteria which can be transferred by surface to hand and from hand to hand. It can cause skin infections, food poisoning and respiratory diseases. Hand and surface sanitisers will kill germs and help prevent the spread of infection.

3. Corridors / common areas

High footfall makes corridors and common areas germ hotspots. Scenting products will help control and minimise aromas that might be derived from malodour producing bacteria.  Air disinfection units will also help reduce airborne micro organisms.

4.Desks / meeting rooms 

Door handles and desk surfaces are risk hotspots in meeting rooms, harbouring for example Rhinovirus. It is transferred from surface to hands and causes the common cold. Surface sanitisers from Initial can help minimise the spread of germs.

5. Kitchen area 

Food preparation surfaces in kitchens can be home to pathenogenic strains of E.Coli and the Norovirus. It can be transmitted from surface to hand, hand to mouth or by infected food and can cause gastroenteritis and urinary tract infections. Good hand washing and drying products can help to minimise the risk of infection.

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