How British entrepreneurs can create an award-winning business

Have robust systems

There is a reason why I listed this one first. Effectively, your systems are your business. And without business systems, you cannot win awards. What is your client care strategy? How often do you call them? Do you send them little gifts or cards to let them know that you value their business? What is your invoicing system like, and how often do you test it? No systems, no business.

Develop an indispensable team

Some of the best brands in the world, such as Google, invest heavily in their people. To be the best business, you have to have a robust team. Creating an award-winning business is about the overall feel, from your branding to your customer service.

Analyse the seemingly minor details in your business, and hire the best people for the job. Hire people that are smarter than you in particular areas. Hire people that are passionate about what they do, and that are passionate about your brand.

Invest in marketing and PR

You need to let the world know that your business exists, and the way to do this is through marketing and PR. The media are looking for stories every day, and they like to celebrate business.

Develop a plan, and create good relationships with journalists. Pitch expert tips and hone in on your area of expertise. This will get recognition for your business, and could lead on to award nominations.

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Review and record ? everything!

How many enquires did you have last month? What did you do with them? You should know and understand the metrics in your business, and you should review everything. Build in quarterly reviews so that you can see how you are preforming, and be open to changing things that are not working.

Creating an award-winning business involves a lot of thought, care and time. Ultimately, it?s about creating the best model and organisation that you can. When you do this, the accolades and awards will follow.

Mavis Amankwah is an award-winning entrepreneur and author who runs London-based company Rich Visions.

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