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How businesses can boost customer experience and drive brand loyalty

brand loyalty

Here are five quick tips to address the challenge of creating a fluid digital customer experience that will help to drive brand loyalty:

(1) Segment your customer base closely

The Generation Game is dead in the water it is no longer enough to just segment your customers by age demographics.

Gone are the days of millennials, baby boomers, and Generation Y now people of all ages are very tech-savvy and expect personalised offers. Then provide your customer base with a choice so that they can select a reward that appeals to them, motivating them to remain loyal for longer.

(2) Identify what customer behaviour you are looking to reward

Aligning the customer’s digital journey with loyalty initiatives provides an opportunity to do a lot more than simply cross-selling. Brand advocacy is hard to come by incentivising customers to recommend your brand or refer a friend pays dividends.

(3) Understand your audience

Find out what they want to see in a loyalty scheme and what would motivate them to stay loyal to your brand.

Most customers are saying they want immediate rewards, such as point-of-sale vouchers or email discount codes, but it is a good idea to provide these as part of an incremental reward scheme that provides instant rewards while building long-term digital relationships through points collection, for example.

It is a good idea to link rewards to future purchases or further interactions with the organisation to drive brand loyalty.

(4) Design effective communications to support personalised loyalty schemes

It is no good to segment the customer base and create highly tailored loyalty initiatives if you use generic communications to promote them.

(5) Use “pulsing” techniques to continue to measure ongoing levels of customer engagement

Organisations commonly take the pulse of their workforce, asking a few quick questions about how employees are feeling about things.

It is a good idea to use pulsing techniques to check-in with customers and clients too. Having set up an initial survey to find out what customers like about your brand, be sure to go back to the same customers and be prepared to adapt based on the feedback you receive.

Organisations need to be fleet of foot, and flexible enough to adapt customer propositions on-the-fly to improve average order values, cross-sell or improve the lifetime value of customer groups.

Creating a fluid digital experience for customers, with personalised loyalty rewards embedded, will drive measurable results. Improved metrics might include reduced customer churn, higher net promoter scores, increased average order value, and more brand advocacy.

Rewards can form a central part of an organisation’s digital interactions with its clients or customers, keeping the lines of communication open and keeping the customer coming back for more.

Adam Whatling is head of engagement and development at Love2shop Business Services.



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