How entrepreneurs can keep motivated when starting a new business

Congratulate yourself

Each time you tick off a goal, no matter how small, congratulate yourself. This may seem like a pointless task but in doing so you can give yourself the motivation to achieve your next task. Some ways that you can remember to give yourself kudos are:

Have a notebook of your achievements. Keeping a record of your achievements is a brilliant way to keep yourself motivated. Not only do you get to reward yourself, but also when motivation is lacking, you can take a look back at your achievement book for inspiration.

Reward yourself for completing goals by doing something you love. Whether it?s eating that last slice of cake or finishing that last chapter of your book, set time aside to reward yourself, propelling you to reach that next goal. 

Give yourself time to rest

Starting your own business can be extremely time consuming. You may be working around the clock, determined to reach that goal, finish that task, etc. But stress can eat away at productivity, so take the time to rest up, recharge and start fresh. 

Get eight hours sleep a night. According to The Sleep Foundation you need between seven to nine hours? sleep per night. Whilst it may be hard for you to cut such a chunk out of your working day, you will most likely become much more productive and motivated if you are getting enough rest.

Get outside. Getting outside is a good way to rest your mind, step out for an hour at lunch, or go for a light stroll take your mind off work and de-stress.

Reschedule. If needs be, you can re-evaluate your to-do list and if it?s too hectic don?t force yourself into finishing them all, re-schedule your to-do list and add one more thing to tomorrow’s list. 

Moments of frustration and stress should lessen, and motivation levels should stay high, if you follow the above rules. Once you?ve overcome your obstacles and adopted a stress free, productive mindset, you may find success is easier to achieve.

After creating your motivational plan, you will be able to easily track your achievements ? so whenever you feel you?re lacking in the future, you can look back at where you started. 

The path may seem long and winding now, but breaking objectives down into small, bite-sized chunks can make any task seem much more do-able. Just remember that being productive isn?t always about relentlessly perusing your bigger goals. It?s about pacing yourself, resting often and organisation.

Emily Farnan is a content producer at savings business Make It Cheaper.

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