How growth and prosperity can coincide with core values and culture

A healthy revenue stream is music to any executive?s ears?and any growth successes deserve to be celebrated. However, during your businesses? early adolescent days, did the founding executive team work hard to establish solid core values and a unique culture?

During bursts of growth and times of change, it?s important to have a strong set of core values and company culture to help your team negotiate that change and stay true to yourself as a company.

Never compromise on employees

The pressure to swiftly hire new people could result in problems if you veer away from your normal hiring process. If your process was lengthy and personal but the need to hire quickly impedes that, the average quality of your workforce is going to decline. Never hire for the sake of growth; hire for fit rather than numbers.

At WP Engine, we always say: ?Where the best get better.? Hire the very best people, encourage them to be their authentic selves and invest in a culture that is going to foster creativity, productivity and acceptance.

When you invest in employees, you?re investing in performance which equates to better business results.

Always reiterate core values and traditions

Core values and traditions are what makes your company unique. When you?re small, it?s really easy to communicate and practice these. However, as you grow, it?s harder to maintain personal relationships with all employees and your company culture is difficult to scale.

Repeat and codify your core values and scale your traditions so that employees and customers know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

If you?re expanding globally, integrate

If you find yourself in a new global market, hire locally and organically. By incorporating local talent, you will get a better understanding of the local market and instil a global culture at your headquarters. Ensure employees are adequately and thoroughly trained with existing employees so that company culture is never lost. Maintain regular communication so the company is unified.

Encourage open communication and an open-door policy

During periods of growth and expansions, communication between executives, senior-level management and employees can be strained. Constantly think about creating and implementing an environment that encourages fluidity of ideas and concerns.

If employees ever feel that they cannot voice their opinions or they won?t be taken seriously, you could experience a lack of progress and creativity. Fear and insecurity will diminish and productivity will increase. Each employee will feel ownership and responsibility for growth, customer satisfactions, and retention goals.

Fabio Torlini?is managing director, EMEA, WP Engine

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