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How long should entrepreneurs work?

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According to a Bank of Scotland survey into work-life balance, the average UK entrepreneur puts in 50 hours’ work per week. In total, that adds up to more than 31 million extra working weeks put in by small businesses across the UK.

The Bank of Scotland survey also shows a clear relationship between hours and commercial success. For those growing at over 10% a year the averageworking week is 52.3 hours

It’s no wonder you’re feeling the pressure. British owner-directors also don’t take enough holiday (fewer than 20 days is the most common) and 71 per cent claim to be feeling stressed due to work pressures.

So how many hours are you doing? Do you agree that there’s a relationship between success and hours? And what advice do you have for other entrepreneurs battling till midnight to keep their business afloat? We’d love to hear your comments (within working hours,  please!).

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