How to achieve perfect customer service online and offline


1. Let customers use customer service they way they want

Online customer service is more centralised than in store but there are still certain steps that need to be in place to ensure perfect customer service across all platforms.

The best customer service is one that can be utilised by consumers in the precise way that they want. Allow customers to email or contact your business via social media sites – some may prefer this to calling a customer services helpline.

2. Be alert on social media

A company’s presence on social media in hugely important, not just for followers and the amount of likes, but also for monitoring customer feedback.

Social networking sites should not be taken lightly. When it comes to customer feedback, respond quickly and efficiently to a Facebook comment or tweet regarding customer service. It shows a personalisation that exceeds customers’ expectations. 

3. Provide comprehensive FAQs

In regards to a company’s website, simple things like having a comprehensive and up-to-date FAQ’s section can minimise the amount of feedback to deal with and leave more time to focus other customer emails.

4. Ensure speedy and personalised responses

Customers like to be reassured that their issue is being dealt with and not just by a machine.

Respond quickly to emails or if you don’t have time at least acknowledge a receipt of the email. Personalised responses demonstrate how going the extra mile in customer service can improve feedback and overall satisfaction.

5. Provide online tutorials 

If a business creates a product, providing online video tutorials of how to use to it demonstrates excellent customer service.

By having something physically demonstrated to customers, it can answer a lot of questions as well as showing genuine concern for their welfare. Also, this gives the product a living and breathing representation, which may encourage customers to buy it having seen how it works.

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