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How to become the market leader in your industry

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It is going to take you time to build your brand reputation and it’s now more important than ever that you lead from the top. Successful people dont leave anything to chance and leaving even one chink in your armour is begging for your competitors to pounce. Believe me, they will if you give them the chance to.

Becoming the leader of your industry is about looking after your customers in a way that no other can or does. It starts with building a huge amount of belief and credibility around you and what you do, to build a personal brand. Even if you are building a business brand, your personal brand is essential. Your business isnt widely known yet, because people just dont know what or who your business brand is. So you need to drive it and this means you are essentially building two brands. This is something that 99 per cent of business owners miss and their business progress suffers because of this.

If you really want to accelerate your success, doing the right research before you even think about putting a face on your business (logo, business card, website) is absolutely essential. If you have already done this, dont worry. You can make a difference by getting back to the basics now before you go any further. The reason the right research is important is because you need to ensure you are creating a brand identity you can grow into, as opposed to growing out of it; causing a massive amount of confusion when you rebrand.

“What was wrong with the business is usually what people think when you change your identity, as the only reason you would ever change it is because the face no longer fits what is underneath. That gives the impression you dont know what you are doing, which reduces trust and credibility the two major elements of your brand. Its essentially a face-lift, which people often do if there is either something wrong or they are unhappy with their look. Either way, your customers will not buy in a state of confusion, so it is best to take control of your brand and get it right, way before you start to build the lifetime identity of your business.

Read more about branding a business:

Getting inside your ideal customer’s mind is the best way you can ensure you are creating a brand that attracts them, delivers products and services they want and creates a need for them to buy. And the process by which you attract them from being a stranger into a friend, then into a customer and a long-term lifetime relationship, is critical as your brand is essentially what people say about you when you’re not there. Your reputation is everything when it comes to becoming the market leader of your industry and the way you nurture people and make them feel is how you will be remembered for all time.

Finally, the strategy you use to get in front of your ideal customers consistently, repetitively and profitably needs to be a two-stage approach. Taking everything online is risky, even for an online business! There are some amazingly effective things you can do offline as well, which will open up your chances and ultimately choices when you create what we call a double domination strategy.

Over the next five articles we are going to share with you our proven strategy for building a successful seven-figure business, using our B.R.A.N.D. Accelerator system. Well be covering:

1) The belief blockbuster How to increase belief in your brand;
2) Rapid research radar How to clearly communicate what you are selling;
3) Advanced Customer Profiler How to get inside your ideal customer’s mind;
4) Nurture your A.C.E.S. How to increase your speed of conversion; and
5) Double domination dynamo Your online and offline Marketing action plan.

The reason these five stages are so important to your business is because if you do not create a strong foundation for your brand now, you will end up attracting difficult customers who consume your time. Your brand won’t be strong enough to charge what you are worth and your competitors will send both you and your cash-flow into meltdown. Putting this strategy in place now will enable you to build a brand that is flexible, nimble, magnetic and loved by the very people that you want to spend money with you.

Until next time, be the brand you want to see in the world.

Sammy Blindell is a brand psychologist and coach, as well as co-founder of How To Build A BrandAlongside Miles Fryer. For further information on building a killer brand, here are ten tips to help get you started.

Of course, working on your own brand can also be incredibly difficult. That affinity you feel is a double-edged sword. As such, we rounded up the common pitfalls to avoid when attempting to work on your own brand.



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