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How to boost productivity by making your employees smile

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In the US, 75 per cent of those surveyed claimed they had left their jobs because of a lack of engagement from their bosses. Figures in the UK are no better. Lack of feedback leaves employees about as motivated as an obese hamster staring at their wheel with contemptuous wheezes.

But it doesnt have to be that way. By sending out positive vibes, bosses can keep their workforce smiling, motivated and eager to please their kindly leaders. With that in mind, weve come up with a few ways to stop those grey clouds circling over your workplaces head. 

A quick treat-me-up

Every now and again, you just need a tiny boost to help you through the day. And what better feeling is there than to find that your employers gone the extra mile

In some offices, occasional tiny treats left in a staff room are what keep an employee going on. Something as simple as a selection of biscuits left at your offices staff table will give any member of staff a little lift. 

When you feel your staff are at the end of their tether, why not arrange something as simple as a works evening out as a form of team bonding Theyre toiling for you you might as well show that you appreciate it. 

Reinforce those egos

No matter where they work, everyone wants to believe that theyre the top dog at their job. They want to get results and earn some kudos. Yet most bosses allow the achievements of their employees to pass them by. And with too many shrugs of a shoulder, that hard working employee will say bye-bye. 

If your member of staff is doing a particularly good job, take them to your office and lavish them with praise. 

Read more about making your staff happy:

With the knowledge that theyre doing well, theyll realise they can earn your praise and theyll try to do better for another dopamine hit of satisfaction. 

Plants to perfection

Going green has become the buzz phrase for most businesses nowadays. And the idea that you’re doing some good by making your office greener can really boost morale.

Like Alan Titchmarsh in a suit-and-tie, invest in some office plants to give your office the touch of green fingers. 

Why office plants For a start, theyll oxygenate your office, giving all of your employees a breath of fresh air. Oxygen helps clear the mind, so bring in a plethora of plants to see the cogs whirring a little quicker in your staff. 

Naturally, you dont want a greenhouse in your office no one wants to use a machete just to reach their desk. But with a few helpings of flora, your offices mood will be lighter and brighter.

The Picasso touch

Have you ever suffered the indignity of poor artwork in your office The types of pictures with captions like Climb the mountain of aspiration or Reach the motivation station . Theyre intended to be inspiring in reality they could only inspire the lobotomised. 

Even if your eyes are painted on when it comes to art, you should still find some pieces your employees will enjoy. 

Good art can create a spark of inspiration in the right moments. It can set those neurons firing with grand ideas. With the right pieces, your employees could be firing on all cylinders. After all, who says art has to stay in stuffy museums

Stacey Corkhill is a digital communications assistant at MediaCo and is committed to offering fantastic solutions to any workplace dilemmas. Alongside her work as a business advisor, she has blogged for over a decade and loves giving struggling companies a helping hand.

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