How to boost your online presence

What would you do to find out information on a company? From local hairdressers to England?s largest bank, chances are you would Google them.

Having an online presence is vital. For SME?s in particular, it can make or break how you are able to attract new customers or reach out to existing ones. However, it?s not simply the case of setting up a website or opening up a Twitter account. In today?s social media-savvy market, it?s all about how you can optimise your online presence to the max ? from the biggest viral campaigns in the world to the smallest blogs. Doing this successfully can massively boost your business’ potential.

Here are our top tips for setting up and/or improving your internet identity!

1. Revamp your old website

If a website was set up during the early stages of your business, you might find it has since been side-lined or forgotten about. It?s important for any website to represent the look, message and overall aim of a company, regardless of industry. So, if it looks out-dated or miss-matched then it?s time for a revamp. This kind of task can, of course, be overwhelming. We?d suggest delegating to digital developers wherever possible, but if you’re confident about handling the tech work, there are some easy and affordable online tools to help. If you?re stuck with a slightly dated version, consider changing your domain name to .org ? with the current discount from 123 Reg you can get 15 per cent off the usual price.

2. Start a company blog

As social media becomes an increasingly popular tool for all types of industries, it seems you don?t have to be in a web-based company to get involved. Not only will a blog provide a good starting point for SEO, but in its simplest terms, it allows customers to see that your company is not another faceless, homogenous organisation ? but one which is actually run by human beings. By allowing employees to write content or pitching helpful advice to your target audience, you could reach out to an entirely new and previously untouched market.

3. Optimise your website

If you?ve already got a decent website and social media presence with good content and fresh design, the next step is to think about how you can optimise it for search engines. From keyword rankings to customer targeting, there are so many ways to increase and improve your online visibility. A great tip is to use online tools, such as Google Adwords to allow you to establish which keywords you rank for. Just remember to use them wisely; you?ll gain no points for keyword stuffing!

4. Be trend aware

Finally, once you have started to use the internet to its full potential, you?ll probably look to it more and more for ways of boosting your marketing potential. One of its advantages is that you?ll always be among the first to know about the latest goings-on. From hash-tags to viral videos, the latest technology releases and industry news, it is a continued source of information and inspiration.

Whatever type of business you are involved in, it?s important to utilise every tool at your disposal. If you?ve yet to make the most of your company?s online potential or simply want to give it a boost, the results could be phenomenal. 

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